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We know you’re committed to taking excellent care of your patients, but when was the last time you took a close look at your business?

At Medituz we specialize in practice management, revenue cycle optimization, and private practice business support. We help with all the financial aspects of running your business.

About us

Medituz Revenue Management LLC was founded in 2019 in Austin, Texas. Using our team’s 50+ years of combined experience working in the healthcare and disruptive software industries, we decided it was time to offer hospital-level, cloud-based, and quick to deploy user-friendly software to help private practice healthcare providers with the financial aspects of their practices.

We are passionate about enabling providers to stay in private practice. By implementing Medituz’s smart technology, provides are able to see more patients and maximize revenue from each encounter.

We help practices of all sizes and unlike traditional billing companies, our team of Revenue Managers are all certified medical coders. This means that when you use our services and cutting-edge software, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to achieve maximum payout in the quickest possible time. Averaging over 95% reimbursements for our clients, we have a low number of claim denials and we fight each and every one for you.

Would you want to use the “cheapest” surgeon – probably not.

Ask yourself the same question to anyone involved in your practice from a financial or legal standpoint.

Medituz is 100% USA-based and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service including regular onsite visits.

We provide our services to: doctors (across most specialties), dentists, chiropractors and counselors/behavioral health practitioners.

Our name comes from the Latin – medicinae reditus

(medical revenue)


Questions to ask when hiring a company to help with Revenue Cycle Management:

• What kind of software do you offer – is it cloud based or server based?
  • Server based systems are older technology and require locally installed computers. They are susceptible to crashes and data loss and it takes a long time for ICD 10 codes to be updated.
• Is the company HIPPA Compliant?
  • Make sure that they have a program to avoid HIPPA violations and associated penalties for your organisation.
• Are clearing fees included and is the clearing house integrated?
  • Many so called low cost solutions do not include clearing fees and when EHR & clearing fees are added you will find out what you are really paying!
• Are my claims handled 100% in the USA or are they sent offshore?
  • If they are sent offshore you risk being in violation of HIPPA and communication with the individuals processing your claims may be much more difficult.
• Do you offer an integrated merchant services offering?
  • Online check in and insurance verification and prepayment allows patients to bypass the front desk and means you are much more likely to get paid.
• Can you help with credentialling and contracting?
  • If you are setting up a new practice or want to add another insurance carrier can the company help with that (often complex) process?
• Do you use billers or coders to handle our claims?
  • The difference between a coder or a biller working on your claims can make a huge difference to how much you get paid. It is like having a butcher or a surgeon work on a medical patient! Both have knifes but what they can do with those tools is very different.
• Is a HIPPA Compliant Telehealth solution included in your EHR?
  • You may be using free solutions for telehealth consultations. IT Security is very important to bear in mind. Ask the company how secure their solution is.
• Will we have a central point of contact or account manager?
  • If not, what is the process for raising concerns or issues and are you comfortable that will work in the event of a problem?

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